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Reflection days and proposals on a non-hierarchical, interdisciplinary and transversal history of objects, images and spaces.

In the art, design and applied arts and crafts schools, in fine arts faculties and in those of art history, the theoretical and methodological corpus on the journey human beings have made in the manufacture and creation of images, objects and spaces, has been hegemonically occupied by the discipline we have generically called “art history.” This history has been monopolized by painting, sculpture and to a lesser extent by architecture. Artistic trades (crafts or applied and decorative arts) have been treated in a very tangential way. Architecture, industrial design, graphic design and textile design have sought their own stories thanks to the specificity of their productive space. Art with capital letters has always been a reference of prestige and hierarchy.

These reflection days will try to review this state of affairs. We would like to show practices and researches that have been concerned with this topic and provide a new mental and academic framework to develop this fledgling paradigm of the history of crafts, design and art.



30th of November of 2021. Auditorium of Escola Massana

– 9:00 Opening.

Welcome: Xavier Capmany (director of Escola Massana).

Presentation of the day: Jesús-Àngel Prieto (Chairman of Amics de la Massana).

– 9:30 Inaugural conference in video format.

Larry Shiner (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Art History and Visual arts from the Illinois University, Springfield).

– 10:00 Debate. “Sociologic reflexion about the hierarchies in history of art”.

Vicenç Furió (Chair Professor of History of Art of Universitat de Barcelona).

Nuria Peist (Professor of History of Art of Universitat de Barcelona).

Moderator: Pending confirmation.

– 11:00 Coffee break.

– 11:30 Lectures and debate.

Moderator: Antonio Ontañón (teacher of History of art of Escola Massana).

– 14:00 Lunch.

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

– 16:00 Visit of the Museu del Disseny where the director and the curator of Decorative Arts collection will guide through the museum and will open a debate about the difficulties of the actual theoretical framework and the relation of the art with the decorative arts, craftsmanship and design, paying special attention to the pedagogic role of the museum towards the citizenship.

– 18:30 Summary of the debates and recommendations for moving forward to the new paradigm.


Francesc Morera (professor of Visual Communication of Escola Massana). 

Roger Cónsul (professor of History of art of Escola Massana).

– 19:00 Ending and farewell.

Pilar Vélez (director of Museu del Disseny de Barcelona).

Jesús-Àngel Prieto (chairman of Amics de la Massana).


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